Why Creature?

Utahraptor, authored with Creature's Procedural Motors.

Artwork: Emily Willoughby (http://emilywilloughby.com)
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  • Reduced Art requirements:

  • A single atlas of character body parts is all that is required to generate beautifully complex animations. This reduces the amount of art required which means reduced time and cost for generating digital content.
  • Save Time with Automated Procedural Animation:

  • Bone and mesh motors in Creature allow the automated generation of highly complex motions like walk cycles, wing flapping and blinking eyes. This is a huge time saver, reducing the tediousness of moving bones frame by frame in order to achieve a desired effect.
  • Compact size:

  • Creature generates animation via bone/skeletal and mesh deformation methods. This reduces the size of your exported animation data compared to traditional animation which saves out multiple images on a frame by frame basis.
  • Simple, yet powerful:

  • Creature is designed for both traditional and complex technical animators. Traditional animators will appreciate the rotoscoping and onion-skinning features of Creature. Technical animators can employ sophisticated deformation motors, motion capture and mathematical function scripting to animate highly intricate character rigs.