Version/License Types

All Licenses are Perpetual Licenses.

The Trial version is completely Free and has all the Pro features but has export functions disabled.

The Basic version is suitable for people wanting to do Character Bone animation and skinning without some of the more advanced features.

Pro ( Upgrade from Basic )
The Pro is an Upgrade from Basic. The Pro version is recommended for users who require features like Mesh Deformation Motors, Mesh Resolution Optimization, Path animation, Motion Capture and more.

The Enterprise version is for Studios/Entities making over 200K USD revenue from their products. Enterprise contains all Pro features. Currently Enterprise is only available for Windows Users.

Each purchase of the Creature license is a Per Seat license. All upcoming updates to the Creature animation system are free of charge.

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Basic: 50 USD
Upgrade to Pro from Basic: 99 USD
Enterprise: 800 USD

Hardware Requirements

CPU: Recommended Intel i3 or above

Display: Recommended Resolution of 1600x900 or above

GPU: Requires a GPU that can run OpenGL 3.3 and above

Memory: Recommended 4Gb and above

If you are planning to run this on a Cintiq, Please Try Creature on the Trial version first before deciding on a purchase. There maybe certain issues of running Creature on certain models of the Cintiq.

For Wacom users, we also recommend turning off Control Panel>Wacom Tablet Properties>Mapping>Use Windows Ink in your options on Windows.

Perpetual License Downloads/Purchase

For Windows OS 7+, 64-bit

Downloaded binary can be upgraded to both Standard and Pro versions

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Standard Version License:
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Pro Version License: (Requires Standard License)
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Enterprise Version License: ( >= 200K USD Studio/Entity Revenue )
Purchase Enterprise License!

Here is our refund policy.

Please refer to the features list table below to understand the differences in versions:
Trial Basic Pro
Project Loading
Project Saving
Project Versioning/Backup
Mesh Basic Creation
Mesh Sculpting, Optimization and Refinement
Advanced Volume Preservation Skinning
Rig/Skeleton Creation and Skinning
Manual Bone Weight Painting
Automatic Bone Weighting
Images, SpriteSheet Export
GIF and Quicktime Export
FBX & Alembic Export
Game Toolkit JSON Export
Animation Knot Editor
Animation Spline Editor
Bone Basic Motors(FK, IK)
Bone Advanced Motors(Bend Physics, Rope Physics, Rotate Cycle, Walk etc.)
Mesh Sprite Swapping
Mesh Deformation Motors(Soft Body, Flapping, Cage, Control Pts, Warping etc.)
Path Creation, Animation and Transfer
Image and Video Rotoscoping
Motion Capture and Transfer
Mouse Motion Record and Animation
Mathemetical Function Scripting
Animation Mesh Export Resolution Reduction/Compression
3D Face Warping
Rig Import and Transfer
Pose Capture Library and Transfer
Curve Posing via Stylus/Mouse
Lip Syncing
Wind Force Fields
Pixel Art & other Effects Filters
Motion Enhancers
Draw Guides
Normal Map Lighting Preview
Image Packer + PSD Native Import
Rig Templates
Animate Region/Layer Ordering
Mocap Transfer Studio
Deep AI Walk (Windows Only)
GPU Motion Blur Video Export
Skin Swap
Smart AI Auto Rigging (Windows Only)
3D to 2D Animator (Windows Only)
Animation Controllers + Morph Targets
Flow:Advanced Particle FX